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  1. How to Autotune in Audacity (Step by Step Guide)
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  3. Screenshots of Antares Autotune VST!
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Auto Mode now includes two unique screen views: Basic View which gives you quick and easy access to the core features of Auto Mode, and Advanced View which unlocks the powerful MIDI, scale editing and vibrato features. The Graph Mode interface has be redesigned from the ground up.

How to Autotune in Audacity (Step by Step Guide)

In addition to a much larger Main Graph, the new Graph Mode features greater zoom resolution, user assignable zoom presets, and controls reconfigured to optimize workflow efficiency. Over the years, the sound of Auto-Tune 5 has developed a strong following among pro audio engineers, musicians and producers. Auto-Key is a brand new plug-in, included with your Auto-Tune Pro purchase, which automatically detects the key and scale of your music and sends that information to one or more instances of Auto-Tune Pro.

Autotune Free Tutorial

If you already know the key and scale of your tracks, you may also find Auto-Key useful for simultaneously setting the Key and Scale parameters of multiple instances of Auto-Tune Pro from a single location. Assign the parameters to the controls on your MIDI device, and perform dramatic effects in real time on stage or in the studio.

  • Screenshots of Antares Autotune VST;
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  • Auto-Tune Pro is not compatible with iLok Version 1. Be the first to know about new products, contests, and special offers from Antares. Products Support Upgrades Blog About. About Artists Press Contact. In The Media Reviews Articles. Tips and Tricks Video Tutorials Articles. Auto-Tune Pro. The Professional Standard for Pitch Correction. The Professional Standard For twenty years, Auto-Tune has been the world standard for professional pitch correction and more recently, time correction , and the tool of choice for the signature vocal effect of modern popular music.

    Freedom of Expression Auto-Tune Pro offers the transparent, natural sounding, and pristine pitch and time correction required for professional quality audio production, as well as the classic effects that have become a staple of popular music.

    Screenshots of Antares Autotune VST

    Auto-Key: Automatic Key and Scale Detection Auto-Key is a brand new plug-in, included with your Auto-Tune Pro purchase, which automatically detects the key and scale of your music and sends that information to one or more instances of Auto-Tune Pro. Upgrades to Auto-Tune Pro. To Upgrade, you will need the Registration Code from your current product.

    You can skip this in seconds Click here to continue. Download Now! Antares Autotune VST 7. Last update 27 Aug.

    Maschine 2 and Auto Tune? | NI Community Forum

    Users rating: ratings. Hailed at its introduction as a "holy grail of recording," by Recording magazine and adopted worldwide as the largest-selling audio plug-in of all time , Auto-Tune corrects intonation and timing problems in vocals or solo instruments, without distortion or artifacts, while preserving all of the expressive nuance of the original performance - with audio quality so pristine that the only difference between what goes in and what comes out is the intonation and timing.

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    • All with a user-interface that is a model of clarity, speed and ease-of-use. And now, with its new-from-the-ground-up time manipulation capabilities, Auto-Tune 7 represents the most substantial advancement in functionality since Auto-Tune's original introduction in For most common pitch problems, Auto-Tune 7's Automatic Mode instantaneously detects the pitch of the input, identifies the closest pitch in a user-specified scale including minor, major, chromatic and 26 historical and microtonal scales , and corrects the input pitch to match the scale pitch.

      auto tune evo free download mac

      A Retune Speed control lets you match the retune rate to virtually any performance style as well as create the iconic Auto-Tune Vocal Effect. For meticulous pitch and time editing, Auto-Tune 7's Graphical Mode displays the performance's detected pitch envelope and allows you to modify pitch and timing with a variety of easy-to-use graphics tools.

      How to AutoTune On Audacity MacBook Pro Mac OS

      This mode gives complete control over the correction or modification of the most elaborate pitch and rhythmic gestures. Auto-Tune is used daily by thousands of audio professionals around the world. Whether to save studio and editing time, ease the frustration of endless retakes, save that otherwise once-in-a-lifetime performance, or create the Auto-Tune Vocal Effect, Auto-Tune is the overwhelming tool of choice. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? Is there any feedback you would like to provide?

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