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The only problem is that sometimes you receive the wrong Pokemon. I use it a lot and it's great but i want to upload this to the website and it's not letting me..

Silversun wrote: I use it a lot and it's great but i want to upload this to the website and it's not letting me.. I like more PokEdit! I use it when i need items like Master Balls or something! And cool Pokemon! Please gimmie help.

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Nice What is it? Really good site for pokemon fans! Random person guy. How do i use pokegen to add items in my bag in da game? Poke' Woman. Random person guy wrote: How do i use pokegen to add items in my bag in da game? I'm trying to use this to get the Wonder Cards for events. I can add them to the editor and create the Action Replay codes fine, but the codes don't appear to work.


Pokemon - HeartGold Version ROM | NDS Games | Download ROMs

I'd really like to get the event cards working, but I can't figure out how to right now. Any advice is welcome. Skyblade wrote: I'm trying to use this to get the Wonder Cards for events. Desperate Trainer. With this I could create say, a shiny ralts and export it to desmume? How exactly would that work, is there a guide or something to help? The reason I'm asking is because I want a method that won't take too much time or screw up my game. I'm playin soul silver with a ds emulator on my computer. Please be detailed! Desperate Trainer wrote: With this I could create say, a shiny ralts and export it to desmume?

Is there any solutions for this? I finished "making" a turwig for my pokemon Diamond but after I did set and then save file it didn't save at all. It simply turns off. What is going on? Sounds like you have one nice procesor. You probably dont have a longer lag time when you click on the downloads button on the top. I don't have the experience to help you with that problem so I can't help you.

I think cake should be able to help you. I was using the online editor to create pkm 4 my pokemon diamond save and used the downloded version of pokesav to add them to my save but now when I load the game it starts from new game not my save. So for the time being we just have to be patient.

Hmmm, is anyone even working on an anti piracy patch? It seems to me like people either stick with their retail cart, or buy a flashcard that it works on, or wait for their flashcard's firmware to update. I know it works for the M3 and Acekard now, I think a couple others. But not crappy ones like clones and R4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but just warning, we might be waiting for something that may never happen.

I think it'd be reassuring to know if someone capable is working on an AP patch, but for now, no one seems to know anything except for a few rumors here and there. Will this work? Seems like it was released today. We are looking into it. If we are completely certain it does not freeze we will be moving forward. It is both a good and a bad thing that my partner now also got an ak2i sorry but they have awesome compatibility so I may have to ask him to test on his r4 and I'll test on my ak2i We are awaiting full test results of the AP patch. Once we have these we will finish our last few edits and release are 1st release.

The first release for the time being will consist of a full complement of random encounters and the evolutions will be edited. And Challenger's Edition will have the increasing difficulty. Heya Roland, Was just wondering if you're going to release a patch without the AP with it aswell, See'ing as the game can run on most flashcarts fine at this point now after their updates. Hadn't really gave it any thought Does the AP patch interfere with the flashcarts? Cuz if not I see no reason to do 8 patches as opposed to Yea, me and Mushen have been both really busy.

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His tests also report the same on his ak2i but I think the final confirmation is gonna be HM Once I am certain on that I will finish up as quickly as possible. It's been rough cuz I work and also I'm pickin up computer repair gigs on the side on top of just life in general. I still intend to have the initial release contain the random encounters, the upgraded trainers, and edited evolutions.

Once that is out I will begin picking apart events and 'adjusting' them so that I can gaurantee all available while maintaining a game as close to the original as possible. Hey man glad you're doing this again, really enjoyed the Platinum one you did. Can't wait to get a play on it.

Best of luck with whatever it is that's holding you back at the moment too. First of all, you might have noticed that PPTE doesn't work with all trainers to be exact, trainers with a trainer ID of over Secondly, I have mapped the trainer files, so finding a specific trainer shouldn't be too hard anymore.

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This is basically what you did with Platinum: making the game harder. The Elite Four now has levels up to 62 in the first run, so you'll get the idea. While I appreciate your contribution, I actually "can" edit hgss trainers with ppte, me and alpha had to use it to test a bug in ppre BUT according to him, ppte would crash at the first unrecognized item it finds.

Which makes sense. So PPRE has been my tool for editing the trainers for this project.

4787 - Pokemon - HeartGold Version

But thank you again for your willingness to contribute to the project! As of a few days ago that link became illegal. As it was legal when it was originally posted none of the posters will be penalized. Just be sure not to post it again. Also I have good news to everyone!

Trainers and evolutions are completed! I came up with somethin spiffy for Leafeon and Glaceon Well I like it anyway All we need is for Mushen to do the random encounters and the first release will finally be out! If you can cope with starting over, try deleting all relevant.

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Recovering that data for use in new emulators is an advanced, and older topic: check old versions of the FAQ. If you find any other game for which automatic savetype detection does not work, please let the developers know by posting on the forum or submitting a bug. If you want to fix it yourself, you may need to manually specify the correct save type for your game.

Consult the manual for details on how to do this for your platform. Mileage may vary. Savestate compatibility is preserved wherever possible, but it is not always possible. These are likely to survive between emulator versions. This means that you will have to use save points within the game. Also, see this article for further details: Savefile or savestate.

Savestates from 0. Try playing the game for a while to see if it fixes, but you probably should have heeded the advice above. Don't run DeSmuME from the zip file you received it in. Extract it to your desktop and run it from there. Delete your ini file. There is supposed to be some code to handle that case, but I guess it is not working well.

This is a problem in many windows apps and this solution will usually fix it. If you don't want to lose all the other settings in your ini file, poke around in it and find the offending items which should look like this:. It's a bug. It is not a high priority since nobody yet has proven that they actually need the external firmware.

Pokemon HeartGold (NDS) Emulator Tutorial MAC

If there was a way around it, I would've just told you. You may observe this error as incorrect touch screen coordinates, or totally failing touch screen. Then switch to software rasterizer. From a purely technical standpoint, there are no real minimum requirements. However, for bearable speeds in most games with a few exceptions , you would need at least the following:.