Alfa network awus036h driver mac 10.6.8

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  1. Alfa awush driver mac os x
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I will have a macbook pro soon courtesy of the company where I work - I will test and let you know.

Any idea as to why my antenna becomes randomly disconnected? Help from anybody would be greatly appreciated. Great help.. Hi James, Great discovery, thanks for sharing! Do you suppose this will work with osx Hello James, Does this work for a powerbook running I've installed the driver from the alfa site.

Alfa awush driver mac os x

When I open network in sys pref the hardware is recognized as ethetrnet-adapter en2. Can you give advise what to do?

Best, Ed. Apparently it would work only on bit, and Post a Comment. Pages Home Donate Contact Me. So you are an Apple freak but you do admit that our macbooks have a really weak wifi connectivity. Worry not, today I have managed to install this Wifi interface and I am really enjoying it's massive signal boost.


I will teach you how I did it. Email This BlogThis! Labels: geek , osx. Thanks PM James said The kext loads but I don't get a popup window Thank you very much for this how to.

Can you please post the Automator code? Does this work in OSX Lion If you can get back to me and the readers about the outcome, we would really appreciate it : AM Anonymous said This work on mac os Newer Post Older Post Home.

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  • CLEARANCE ITEM AWUS036H Wirelesss USB Network adapter Alfa Network Summary.
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  • Alfa awus036h driver mac os x 10.7;

We probably get double that with 3G but I'm paying for that, of course. We have an Alfa AWUSH and I have to admit I never seen any thing like that range and even if I did I doubt if I would be able to log on to it let alone get any download speed to open a Google page , has I have said before a good signel means nothing , it going to depend how many people there is between you and the wifi your trying to pick up if you get any speed , in he early days you could always find an open wifi connection , now less and less and when you do unless you almost sitting on the thing the speed will be unless.

Best just to buy a local sim or sit in a bar on top of the router. I was thinking about buying a spare as it won't be available much longer Why won't it continue to be available? Why won't it continue to be available?


I saw a few similar comments fairly recently but don't see any just now, perhaps it was a ruse to shift a load of stock. I do remember seeing several mentions of it being phased out soon and decided to buy a spare. The chipset in AWUSH has been around for quite a long time now in IT timescale , so didn't come as a surprise to hear of this model being phased out.

Perhaps someone else will have a link confirming or denying the phase out.

CLEARANCE ITEM AWUS036H Wirelesss USB Network adapter Alfa Network Summary

It is mounted on the transom and we easily get a very strong signal up to 9 Miles away. Has anybody found a driver for this antenna that's runs on a Macbook?

I don't think that there's a suitable driver if you have a Mac with I believe it can be made to work if you boot your computer into bit in order to run the application with device, or get a more recent compatible Alfa adapter.